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Forgotten Tracks 

As a young kid out in Kansas, it seemed that Motocross tracks were all over the place. 30+ years later, most if not all are now long gone, many returning to pasture land from whence they came.

However, some live on in our memories as we recall the glory days when we all were expert riders and could have taken DeCoster, Hannah, Smith, Lackey if they'd only come to our "home track".

This page is an attempt to document these tracks so they won't be entirely forgotten. If you know of an old track, long overgrown like the one on the right, send in the name, location, years it operated, photos and any story you might care to share to

Indian Creek
Cullman, AL
"Every year they held the pepsi classic on Labor Day and drew a ton of riders" Disposition Unknown

"Always dusty but a neat layout " Disposition Unknown

State Line
"The most prepped track ever..they plowed and watered between both sets of motos usually, nice deep black dirt" Disposition Unknown

"It was a mx track then a stock car dirt track then a dump then an mx track again" Disposition Unknown

Burns Park MX
North Little Rock, AR
"One race a year in a city park by the Arkansas River. " Disposition Unknown

16th and Salt River Bottom, Phoenix, AZ

"About 1970 they had a National level MX at 16th St and the Salt river bottom, neat to see the guys fly over the edge down into the river bottom, DeCoster, Aberg, Mikola era guys raced."

(Info Courtesy of Barry Krayer)

Disposition Unknown

35th and Salt River Bottom, Phoenix, AZ

"Mid 70's there was a MX track in the Salt river bottom at 35th ave across the street from Manzanita Speedway ( now closed and a crane parking lot) that had some races but lasted only a short time."

(Info Courtesy of Barry Krayer)

Crane parking lot

48th and Washington, Phoenix, AZ

"Late 70's there was a MX track at 48th St and Washington which I raced at in one of my few MX races, now a post office."

(Info Courtesy of Barry Krayer)

Post Office

Beeline Dragway

"Beeline Dragway in the late 70's had Motocross races for a few years, Carlos Serrano from Tucson won lots of races, closed around early 80's and became a skeet shooting place, just heard Indians who own land did not renew lease for shooting."

(Info Courtesy of Barry Krayer)

Disposition Unknown

Canyon Raceway

"Keeps fading in and out of existence, right now it is closed but people keep trying to bring her back. Canyon Raceway has hosted events since the late 1970's (including most of the big name riders for those times)." Disposition Unknown

"Cottonwood has a track that was decent (closed now, but still potential re-open). " Disposition Unknown

Deer Valley Cycle Park
"Oh to own race in the flight path of a regional airport. Hard as a rock, but another one that had much potential through the 80's. Later memory is in the mid 90's (long after it closed) and seeing someone really hauling ass.... The Chesterfield Jersey gave it away. It was Bobby Moore out practicing before returning to Europe to defend his world championship. " Disposition Unknown

Firebird Lake MX
"Site of Firebird Lake (Boat Drags, NHRA Drags)- another one that closed and opened a few times- now open again. I need to try it out. " Disposition Unknown

"Mid 80's track, great track when they had a grader. Ran races for most of the 80's, with 1-2 year gaps in between. Today the track location is still pretty much the same, more houses around but still a pretty rural area (it is about 60 miles north of PHX, and 20 miles East of Prescott). " Disposition Unknown

Palo Verde Nuke Plant
"In the early 70's there was a MX track out by the Palo Verde Nuke plant West of Phoenix, never went there but high-school guys I knew raced there."

(Info Courtesy of Barry Krayer)

Disposition Unknown

Disposition Unknown

Still Operating

Ascot Park
I-110 @I-405 @ 91 Freeway

Click to Enlarge
History: The most famous and longest lasting of the night tracks. Built as a Flat track in the 1940's, Ascot hosted it's first night Motocross in 1968. Credited with starting the "stadium Motocross" concept years before the first "Super Bowl of Motocross" in 1972 Ascot was the starting point for the riders that would go on to race the early Supercrosses Note: this was actually the third location for Ascot Park. Two previous locations in the 1930's were closer to down town LA.

Disposition Ascot hosted it's last Night Motocross on Nov 2, 1990 and closed for good several weeks later. Development of the property has been delayed by discovery of toxic chemicals in the soil, and the economic downturn of the area. Today, the dirt mound the bleachers were built on is all that remains of the original race track.

Ascott Park - 1973
Ascot Park, Gardena, California, was a famous dirt racetrack located near Los Angeles, California. The track was built on the site of a former city dump. Before it was closed in 1990, it hosted the United States Auto Club championship series, and was used in movies like the original Gone in 60 Seconds A Very Brady Christmas and CHiPs.

With seating for only 7,500, Ascot Park was smaller than the other famous tracks of the era, such as Riverside International Raceway (closed 1989) and Ontario Motor Speedway (closed 1981). Yet, the park was equally well-known, because its location was surrounded by freeways, its regularly scheduled races, and its heavy radio advertising. The half-mile course featured tight semi-banked turns, long straight-ways, and a tacky surface that was conductive to dramatic sprint car racing.

It remained unused after a failed development project occupied the former site for a number of years. The park was later replaced by commercial buildings and paved over for parking.     (Info Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Bixby Rd and Balcom Canyon Rd.,
Moorepark, CA

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

No Information Available

Orange County

Bob Bailey's Cycle Park.
182nd Street @ Normande Ave., Gardena
Here is an unusual one. 1960's MX legend Gary Baily's brother, Bob bought an entire operating golf course with the intention to have a riding park and Moto Cross track. The course was laid out, races were scheduled, but at the last minute the city refused to issue operation permit. The ad's that ran in Cycle News asked "have you ever dreamed of riding on a golf course". The faculty never opened for business. To this day this remains the only example of land use in this fashion. Bob Bailey was forced to sell the property. The area is now houses. Note: While no one ever raced at the track, some locals were rumored to have broken into the faculty and practiced on the newly constructed track at night.

Banzai Cycle Park
Located next to Anaheim Stadium

Click to Enlarge
For one glorious summer in 1972 (I think) there was an MX Park NEXT to Anaheim Stadium. One of my first rides ever was there - and they even held races. I remember it being on the South side, maybe off of Chapman. My first fall, my leg got caught under my down pipe and burned a scar I still have on my leg.

(Info Courtesy of Mike Domanchich)

Paved over and now underneath a Fire Station.

Big Rock Dam MX Track
Located outside Palmdale, CA
MX racing for about one year around 1970. Disposition Unknown

Carlsbad Raceway
Palomar Airport Road off the I-5, Carlsbad.

Click to Enlarge
The only other track from this era that still operates today. The drag strip was built in the 1950's. Moto Cross was started in 1966 by CMC. This track is as famous as the Saddleback track, gaining international fame in the early 1970's when a round of the 500 World Championship GP's was held there and televised on Wide World Of Sports. The track is still in operation today, although a shadow of it's former self. The property has been sold several times (owners included the owners of the Wimpys hamburger chain). The topography of the site makes development difficult. While once in a rural area, the track is completely surrounded by industrial and high dollar residential development that is right to the fence surrounding the track. As the entrance to the property is being leveled for slabs, the end is rumored to be near.

I-5 at Hwy 126 Junction
Not the track located at Castiac Lake today. Original track was laid out by CMC president Stu Peters and original partner Calvin Franks using a rented farmers field. In 1968 this track hosted an Inter-Am which was won by Joel Robert. Exact location of track not clear. Believed to be in between the north and south portions of I-5. No evidence of original track remains.
Castaic an MX track first place i saw the Euros, this was when Bud Ekins brought them over, little racing from 67-69. The famous picture of Preston Petty flying in the air on his twinport Suzuki was taken there.     (Info Courtesy of David Rendon)

Corona Raceway
Buchanan and 91 Fwy in Corona.

Click to Enlarge
History: Famous for the Corona Gran Prix using a seven mile track. The night races used a bowel originally designed for flat track and TT Races. The night races were notorious for poor lighting. Spectators turned their car lights on the track to help racers see. This track was enormously popular with the Orange County, and Riverside area locals.

Disposition: This faculty lasted until the mid 1980's. When Saddleback closed in 1984, the operators of the popular "Saturday Saddleback" races moved these events to Corona for a short while until this faculty also closed, a victim of increasing land values and worries over liabilities. The land is now a large housing and light industrial complex. No evidence of the original track is left although the locals swear they can point out certain sections of the track.

Directions: Take the Riverside Freeway (91) to Pierce, turn right to Magnolia, right again to Buchanan and on to the track.

Info: Gates open a 5:30pm, practice 6:30, race 7:30. $5.00 entry for MX, $2.50 to watch.

.I used to race the dreaded dark night races here on my 250 OSSA Stiletto. The X shown is the center of the TT track where you banzaied down the hill on the left to the finish line jump on the TT flat track. The back side of that mountain was treacherous and i often found myself flying over bikes that were laid out due to the darkness back there. Rex Staten used to be so far ahead he would stop in the middle of the TT track, have a drink, kiss his girlfriend and take off with still a half lap lead! I never did well here. Down the 91 freeway to Saddleback was my place on a 1970 100 Sherpa Bul where i cleaned up in the junior class at age 15.     (Info Courtesy of Eric Johnson)

Corona Advertisement

I used to work at Corona Raceway in high school. Racing for free was one of the perks! Good times back then.     (Info Courtesy of Roger Kokos)

Cycle Haven
Terminal Island at the base of the Vincent St Thomas Bridge
Los Angeles Harbor.
One of the local "Urban Tracks". Races were run by a local club. While the track was popular with the locals, the owners realized they could make much more money by rent the land to store shipping containers. The track and surrounding areas were paved over to make room for containers at the end of the 1970's.

Cycle Hill
Highland Park, CA
Unsantioned racing during the 40`s 50`s and early 60`s mostly between the Checkers and 20 Night Owls motorcycle clubs. Scrambles track reminded me of Catalina. Disposition Unknown

Deadmans Point
Junction of Hwys 18
247 Lucerne Valley

Click to Enlarge
Local races. Some AMA district 37 MX's Land is still intact. Track is rumored to still be there. Also rumored to be used a practice track by Rex Staten

De Anza Cycle Park
I-60 east of Marino Valley Near Banning Pass

History: This park also featured open riding. Laid out in several steep valleys. The track was on the side of a hill and not very accessible to spectators, nor were the pits easy to get to.

Disposition: The faculty opened and closed numerous times through out the 70's and 80's. Recently operators attempted to get state funding to improve the faculty and operate as a "Green Sticker" park. Their efforts were mired down by local and regional politics. Amid scandals and charges of bribery, the park closed for good, some of the acreage being taken for an ever expanding land fill.

Racing: Every Saturday

Directions: 3 miles past Sunnymead on US 60. Take Theodore off ramp to Ironwood and follow the signs.

Gate: Gate $2.00, entry $4.00. Sign in at 7:30 a.m. Race 9:30 a.m. 33% brass

Del Amo
Cerritos, CA

Del Amo & Bloomfield - circa 1971 - 72 it was where the large City Park in Cerritos is now, and as I remember occupied about half the acreage the park does now. The time or two I went was to ride, and I remember it was pretty wild - all bikes up to 125cc where allowed, and there was not any FORMAL track, just make up your own. I don`t remember anyone getting badly hurt - but thinking back, it was a wonder no-one did...

(Info Courtesy of Mike Domanchich)

Now a city park

DeLevega Park
Santa Cruz, CA
Site of the first annual Inter-Am Race in 1968, put on by Edison Dye Disposition Unknown.

Dos Rios
Arvin, CA
There was an awesome MX track named Dos Rios that was located just a few miles south of Arvin, California. The track was owned and operated by a gentleman named Tom Woodruff. The track was located on Rancho Rd. One of my fondest memories was of Curtis Sparks showing up on a early 70's Honda 90 three wheeler. All our racing buddies would laugh at him for bringing that three wheeler to the track. At that time no one rode three wheelers. Curtis was good about not letting the guys get to him. I can still remember him saying. "That's alright go ahead and laugh, these three wheelers will make me famous some day". Curtis went on to race three wheelers for American Honda, Worked with Honda's R&D team and now is the owner of Curtis Sparks Racing. The track was in operation from the mid 70's to the mid 80's. Thanks Terry Disposition Unknown.

Disposition Unknown

Edwards Air Force Base
The Motocross track at Edwards Air Force Base has been operating since the 1960’s. It is still an operational track but since it is on base races are very limited. The on-base motorcycle club is called the “Desert Wheels”. The track is somewhat sandy when not groomed but put a little water on it and do a little tractor work and the track is very fun to ride. Since it is on a military base almost all of the jumps are tabletops to keep the injuries down. Current Desert Wheels members can escort folks onto the base for riding. Due to limited access both Team Honda and Team Suzuki have visited Edwards for a tune up session prior to the start of the Nationals at Glenn Helen which is only about an hour away.

(Info Courtesy of George Stufflebeam)


(Photos Courtesy of George Stufflebeam)

El Toro Speedway
Junction of I-5 and I-405 Freeways
Located across the freeway from OCIR this small 1/8th mile short track also hosted Sunday Motocross. The track took advantage of the natural bowl the oval track was in to feature some sizable hills. The area is now a retail center. The track was torn down in the early 1970's, a victim of the urban sprawl that is rapidly consuming much of Orange County.

Elsinore Raceway
I-15 @ Railroad Canyon Road in Elsinore
A TT Scrambles track for many years, in the late 1960's an occasional Motocross was run. The faculty was closed in the late 1970's for racing. The TT track is still there in good condition. The track is used as an access road for a shooting range for the gun club that now owns the land.

Escape Country
Trabuco Canyon, California
Operated mostly in the 1970s. Well maintained track that at times hosted the likes of Jeff Ward, Gary Ogden, Mike Tripes and others. Was known for having a separate class for those who were participating in their first race. Prior to the Beginner class you could enter the "First Day" class until you hit the top three. Then it was a forced transfer to the Beginner class.

(Info Courtesy of the Stedman Family)

Escape County fell victim to huge population growth in South OC and is now housing tracts.

Fremont Raceway (Later Baylands Raceway)

Fontana Drag Strip
North of I-10 Frwy Near the old Fontana Steel Plant
Yet another of the drag strip motocross tracks. While never having night MX races, CMC ran some early Golden State Races there. 68-69 Destroyed to make housing developments.

Hamburger Hills
Carpenteria, CA
No Information Available

Four Corners
East of Barona Indian Reservation
San Diego County, CA
there was a track in east San Diego county called four corners back in the 70s. It was just a little east of barona. my brother raced his 72 yellow tanker out there, we were there every sunday. I was 8 years younger and used to just ride around the hills

(Info Courtesy of Mark Terhaar)

Disposition Unknown

Holiday Hills
No Information Available

Santa Susana Pass Road at the east entrance to Simi Valley. Also known as Correginville

Click to Enlarge
History: An old western movie set. This land was owned by legendary comedian Bob Hope (as was a big portion of Simi Valley and Malibu area in those days) Home of the Hopetown Gran Prix featuring the famous Hopetown mud hole. This event was one of the first U.S. appearances of Torsten Hallman, Joel Robert, and Roger Decoster

Disposition: Hopetown course is gone. The movie set lapsed into disrepair. Recently new owners are attempting to make a comeback as a movie set with the rise in popularity of period movies (i.e. westerns)

Directions: Hopetown/Corriganville Park is at the east end of the city of Simi Valley in Ventura county, CA. At the intersection of Kuehner dr. and Santa Susana Pass rd. Easy access from the 118, get off at Kuehner and go south about 2 miles.
Info: The track is still intact. The start was near the large clump of trees (Robin Hood forest) in the upper right of pic. Track went north and east into the foothills behind the rocks and up toward what is now the 118 freeway turned south passing near what is now a housing tract on the left side of pic then back toward the trees past the old movie set, the foundations are still visible before the track goes into the trees (the buildings burnt down in a fire in 1979), track followed the trees along the creek back to the start. 250 acres are now Corriganville park, belongs to the Simi Valley Rec. and Parks District. Racing here actually started in the early 1960s when "Crash" Corrigan owned the property (hence the park's name). website     (Info Courtesy of Ian Dennely )

Track Layout

Huntington Beach Cycle Park
One block north of beach Blvd at Gothard in Huntington Beach

Click to Enlarge
Originally a TT track, one Sunday a month was a Motocross using a long, but flat track. Mostly a local track, the regulars were hard to beat there. Closed in 1973, the site is now a trailer park

Huron Cycle Park
Huron, CA
History: How about Huron Cycle Park in Huron, CA? A lot of guys should have heard of it. It came about, I believe in the late 70's or early 80's. Hosted a few big-name events, even. I was out of MX at that time (college days) but I did actually ride on what was left of the track in about '90 or '91, just playriding on my RM400 that was very wrong for the track. It was run by the city, I believe, then they let some private guys come in late in it's life. Tried to make a few comebacks, but too much opposition and/or poor business decisions. Was basically one of the early outdoor supercross-type tracks with tabletops, huge spiked whoops, etc.

Disposition: The ground is now either vacant or has been turned to ag use.

(Info Courtesy of Doug Childress, Caruthers CA)

Indian Dunes
I-5 @ Hwy 126
2 miles from Magic Mountain

Click to Enlarge
History: One of the original "cycle parks" which allowed open riding. This park featured two main tracks International, and Shadow Glen as well as speedway, TT, and a separate mini bike track. The park was also used to film action movies. Multiple races each week as well as a Gran Prix with a river crossing jump as part of the track.

Disposition: Stopped operating as a cycle park in Feb 1985. Many local riders and parents launched petition drives to have it reopened to no avail. Continued to operate as a movie set until recently. Once a wooded area next to a river, all evidence of the original park has been removed including the trees. Now nothing more than a field of lettuce plants. Unless you raced there you would never know it was ever there.


Photos taken at Indian Dunes in 1978. These were taken at the International Track. As a kid I thought Indian Dunes was heaven on earth. Our family would make a few trips a year to ride ''the Dunes''.

(Photos and Info Courtesy of George Stufflebeam)

RICK "SUPER HUNKY" SIEMAN'S WRITES.....Indian Dunes was closed down after a rash of lawsuits when they turned the tracks into supercross-styled course loaded with double and triple jumps. I can recall racing at the Shadow Glen course one Saturday and the ambulance hauled about 20 people to the hospital, many with horrible injuries.

It's still used by the studios (and still owned by Newhall Land and Farming Company), but there is no trail riding or racing allowed at the facility.

In my less than humble opinion, the trend toward supercross-styled outdoor tracks is one of the biggest reasons for the decline of the sport. In this age of rampant litigation, tracks get closed down, rather than have the landowners face huge legal fees.

HE ALSO WRITES...Indian Dunes is still there, but not open to the general public. Now, the movie and TV people use it for location shooting. To get to the Dunes, go north of LA on Highway 5, turn left on 126 and it's on the left side a few miles down the road.

Indian Raceway
Palm Springs, CA
No Information Available

91 Frwy @ Green River Anaheim Hills
Thought to be one of the first "Moto Cross" tracks in the country. Although called "Irvine" location was what is now Anaheim Hills. Races were run by ACA. Track consisted of river bottom sand. Poster advertising 1966 races recently surfaced, map to location used only roads and "expressways" as this was before the interstate system carved up southern California. Area has been so completely developed, no traces remain of original track or surrounding area.

Irwindale Drags
I-210 @ I-605 Irwindale

Click to Enlarge
Part of the famous night MX scene of the late 60's early 70's. In those days is was possible to race from Tuesday night through Friday nights every week. In 1976 the city of Irwindale leased the property to Miller Brewing Company for one dollar a year to build a brewery. The main buildings sit on the exact spot the MX track was located. No evidence remains of the track or the drag strip.

Jawbone Canyon
Mojave Desert, CA
No Information Available

Lemoore Naval Air Base
Lemoore, CA
There was a track on the grounds of Lemoore Naval Air Base near Lemoore, CA back in 70's. I think is was situated on part of the land the Navy leased out to farming operations. I raced on it a few times in '77. Pretty sure there is no trace of it now...all leased out to farming now, or covered up by expansion of the base.

(Info Courtesy of Doug Childress, Caruthers CA)

Pretty sure there is no trace of it now...all leased out to farming now, or covered up by expansion of the base.

Little Okie
Chowchilla, CA
There was one called "Little Okie" that was in or near, I believe, Chowchilla, CA. Had a big reputation in the mid/late 70's, as I recall. I never went up and rode it, but some of my buddies did. Probably no trace of it now.

(Info Courtesy of Doug Childress, Caruthers CA)

Disposition Unknown

Lyons Drag Strip
I-405 @ Wilmington Ave
Long Beach
One of the many drag strips in southern California at the time, Lyons hosted weekly night MX. Lyons closed in the late 1970's to become a storage lot for ocean going shipping containers. Small evidence of the original drag strip is visible but no indication of the MX track.

Madera Lakes
Disposition Unknown

Muntz Cycle Park
23 Frwy @ Tierra Rejada Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA

Built on a parcel of land owned by housing developer "Mad Man Muntz" (who also owned a chain of stereo stores in the 70's this track was a favorite of the San Fernando Valley locals such as Tom Rap, and Eddie Cole. As of 1997, land was still there being used to graze cattle. It is however surrounded by urban sprawl
Originally owned and operated by "Mad Man" Muntz an electronics (early car audio and big screen tvs) dealer in the San Fernando Valley (I bought my 1st 8 track tape player from him!) Muntz Cycle Park, Later known as Valley Cycle Park is at the intersection of what is now the 23 freeway and Tierra Rejada Rd. in Moorpark, CA. The main track is now covered by a golf course, but a hill climb and some of the riding trails can still be seen just north and uphill from the clubhouse.

A little side note to the Muntz story. The property was originally owned by the family that owned Seabiscuit (the famous race horse in the 1930s). I used to go roller skating as a kid with the grandaughter of Seabiscuit's owner Charles Howard, Missy Howard, who lived on a ranch across the street from what became the cycle park. The ranch house is still there but the ranch itself has been subdivided into large horse properties.(Info Courtesy of Ian Denelly)

Ontario Motor Speedway
Junction of I-15 and I-10 freeways in Ontario

Click to Enlarge
This all new racing faculty was built as a work of art in the late 1960's. It featured an oval track, road course, drag strip, and Moto cross track. With 80,000 seats the track hosted Indy cars and a Varity of events including Sunday Moto Crosses about once a month. A victim of the economic down turn in the 70's this faculty closed after only a few years of operation. It was eventually torn down. Until recently the giant dirt mound that held the seats remained as evidence of the track. This is now also gone. On the site is an industrial complex and the new Ontario Mills Super Mall

Orange County International Raceway (OCIR)
Junction of I-405, I-5 in Irvine

Located at the end of the runway at El Toro Marine Base, OCIR was the newest of the southern California drag strips. Thursday night MX races were very popular with Orange County locals. This track lasted until the early 80's. It has since been bulldozed to make a high tech business park and interchange for a new freeway that also ran through what was once Saddleback

Osteens Cycle Park
Near junction of I-57, I-10 and 71 freeways in Pomona
Owned by professional baseball legend Claude Osteen, this track featured a natural terrain out door track including a long off camber section laid out in a bowl shaped valley. The park closed after only a few years of operation. It is now a housing tract. The land was so altered to make houses, the untrained eye could find no evidence of the track ever being there.

Perris Raceway
Hwy 74 in the town of Perris

Click to Enlarge
Started life in the 1950's as a half mile and TT tracks. CMC started racing Moto Cross there in the late 1960's. Featured in the original "On Any Sunday" movie, the scene where the racer on the Sachs throws away his $30.00 prescription glasses. Legend has it that racer in the movie is Honda's Eric Crippa One of only two tracks that remain today from the original tracks of the 60's and 70's, this faculty holds weekly events. Rumors of the track closing for good come and go. Although the track is just yards from houses, operations continue.

Ponderosa Ranch
Ave. J, Lancaster, CA
Located in the Antelope Valley in Southern California “The Ponderosa” as it was called was a bar & grill that provided a once a month desert race. The race consisted of 3 laps around Blue Rock Butte. Each lap consisted of 9 miles of almost constant sandy hoop-de-doos. It was a very popular place to race in the 60’s and 70’s drawing 100’s of racers out of the LA basin each month. Since it sits close to the LA basin it was not uncommon to see hundreds of riders on a non-race weekend just out having fun with the family. Camping was allowed in a large graded lot next to the Ponderosa. On race weekend Saturday night was always a great time in the overnight camping area.

(Info Courtesy of George Stufflebeam)


Rawhide Cycle Park
Aproximately 3 miles from I-15 off of Railroad Canyon Rd. near Lake Elsinore
History: On the same road that leads to Perris, this challenging track featured several water crossings, many hills and big rocks.

Disposition: Several CMC races ran there in the early 70's the faculty closed after being in operation for only a short time. While the track itself is gone, the land it was on is still undeveloped. The locals still ride there.

Photos Courtesy of Steven Haerr, Temecula, CA

Reach Out Rialto
Near Cactus and Baseline, Rialto, CA

Click to Enlarge
ROR was in the middle of the vineyards off of Cactus and Highland or Baseline. We used to ride out in the area at will. It is also near Rialto Municipal Airport(Miro Airport). Now under houses

Rialto Cycle Park
(AKA Arroyo now Glen Helen)

Junction of I-15 and I-215 Freeways in Devore
In the same basic location as the modern day Glen Helen, this early, much smaller version featured a well laid out track kept moist with water from a natural springs on the property Located near a medium security prison, the park was closed for a number of years. Legend has it that the prison complained about the noise

Riverside Raceway
I-60 @ I-215, Riverside
While not a motocross track, this area was famous for the Riverside Gran Prix. Today the Property is a shopping mall. The sign for the shopping mall IS the original raceway sign, but altered slightly. The mound seen near it was also part of the raceway grandstands. Nothing remains of the car track or off road course.

Rusty Nails
Acton, CA
Scrambles and TT Track in the 40s, 50s and 60s Disposition Unknown

Saddleback Park
Santiago Canyon Road, Irvine.

Click to Enlarge
History: The prototype for open riding parks across the country, Saddleback is possibly the most famous and photographed track in the sport. Often called the "mecca" of Moto Cross, more national stars emerged from Saddleback than any other track in the country. One little known story is that the original MX track was far from the location of the track that most people knew. The first track was laid out in 1967 by Joel Robert. The location was further down the hill near the city of Irvine. Those that rode the first track state it was far superior to the more famous track. Noise complaints from the town forced park operator (Joe Parkhurst) to move the track to it's more commonly known location.

Disposition: Saddleback Park closed in July 1984. There are many legends and stories as to why the park stopped operations. Disputes between the leaseholder and the property owner, the giant Irvine Company initially closed the park. Over the years there have been many efforts to reopen the track both from within the MX industry, and by private individuals. The Irvine Company was, at one time, supposed to have had over 300 million in unsettled liability lawsuits pending, making a reopening very unlikely. Today, a new freeway has removed most of what was once the pit area. Most of the track is still desirable to any one who has ever ridden there.

Photos from '84 CMC Golden State Nat'l.


Photos Courtesy of Rob Ralph, Southern California

Salinas Sand Pits
Crazy Horse Canyon Road and Highway 101 Prunedale, CA

Click to Enlarge
Sand, and lots of it. Most of the track was in a flat area but the first corner and the first quarter of the track were built on a hillside. The track shutdown due to development. You can still see some trails in the current satelite photo of the area
I learned to ride in the river bed of the Carmel River and the Dunes of Fort Ord (Sand, sand, sand). The Salinas Sand Pits was a true Sand Track. When prepped before a race it was as smooth and as flat as a freeway but by the end of the day the whoops seemed gigantic. I raced the 125 class which made sand starts much more interesting. The best part of this track was the big sandy berms. You could slam into them while your handlebars hovered just above the sand.     (Info Courtesy of Brad Jones (Carmel Racing Team))

Sand Pits

Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
2601 E Lake Ave, Watsonville, CA

Click to Enlarge
The track was built on hillside beyond the fairgrounds extended parking lot overlooking agricultural fields (Artichokes and Lettuce). The starting gate was at the top of a hill that went through a ravine and then back up to a 180 degree right hand turn. After the second turn (left) you ramped up to the track's one true jump and then came the "drop-off", feared by Novices and loved by Magoo. The track had several off-camber turns and nothing about this track was flat but then again nothing was too steep (with the exception of the big drop-off). The dirt was mixed but mostly the California hard stuff. There are auto races held at the fairgrounds but the permit is limited to that use only. You can see from the satelite photo that there are building near the old track site so that plays heavily into the equation. Bottom more MX.
The Santa Cruz Ridgerunners ran AMA District 36 races here in the 70's and 80's and I believe that Billy and Bob Grossi's Dad was one of the original Ridgerunners. That being said, this was the home track for many NorCal Pro's including the Grossi's, Jeff Watts, Charles Halcomb, Mike "Neezer" Marquez and many more. It was always foggy in Watsonville and I remember that at times the fog was so thick you could not see the track during practice. It was here that I first saw Danny Magoo Chandler "perform" his no hands no feet tricks off the jump and the dreaded drop off. It was also here that I entered my first MX race, got my first holeshot and won my first moto. I'll always have fond memories of the track we called "Watsonville". (Info Courtesy of Brad Jones, Carmel Racing Team)

Track Backwards      Brad Jones      Charles Halcomb      Danny Chandler

Santee Sand Pits
Santee, CA

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Located in the riverbed right in the middle of Santee Still there.
I practiclly lived at the sand pits on my bikes, I lived right across the street. If you know where the Walmart is in Santee just behind it was the main area of the sand pits. The San Diego river runs through there ( and still does ) . They even had a race out there once, I dont remember who put it on but Marty Tripes was like the Grand Marshall. Even my mom used to ride out there, she had a yam. dt 250. (Info Courtesy of Mark Terhune, Santee, CA)

Sea Breeze Park
I-5 near the junction of the Pacific Coast Highway in San Clemente
This natural terrain Moto Cross track was laid out on a rolling hill side over looking the Pacific Ocean. Several CMC races ran there in the early 70's. Riders liked the fact that the ocean breezes kept the temperatures down in the summer (unlike Carlsbad) and that they could be at the beach five minutes after their last moto. Noise complaints from a church some distance away spelled the beginning of the end for Sea Breeze. The rapid and prolific development of south Orange County in the mid 1970's sealed the fate. Today in the area there are thousands of tract houses and no evidence that Sea Breeze was ever there.

Sierra Mesa
East of Marysville, CA on Hwy. 20
I remember that an irrigation canal ran through the track and you cross it on a wooden bridge that was part of the track.

(Info Courtesy of Jerry Burns)

Disposition Unknown

Adjacent to Seaside High School football and baseball fields next to Hwy.1 in Seaside, CA

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A very basic TT track with one jump and few turns. Just across Hwy.1 from the Pacific Ocean and the sand dunes of Monterey. Understandably very sandy and a blast to ride. As you can see from the satelite photo today it looks like someone has been riding here.
There weren't many races here if my memory serves me (probably due to it being adjacent to a high school). I raced a TT here once in 1975 against Jeff Haney and won (he was very young at the time). At the time I didn't know who he was. The photos below are of the day I beat Jeff Haney. That's me with the front end in the air off the start and Haney on a '75 CR125 just to the right (with the TT bars).     (Info Courtesy of Brad Jones (Carmel Racing Team))

Spartans Start - 1975     Spartans First Turn - 1975

Speedway 117
(AKA Southbay Speedway)
Chula Vista, CA
Next to the mexican border off what is now the 905. Last raced in in 1982-3. Pretty much a oval with supercross track in the middle. Had night races. Rising land values plus the liability stuff that was running rampant in Ca killed it. Interesting note. When Marty Smith started his schools, he taught them at 117.

(Info Courtesy of Michael Fry)

Disposition Unknown
 Regarding Speedway 117, I raced there quite a bit in 1981-1983. They finished the 83 season and stopped. They ran May through Sep or Oct. It was Wednesday nights on what I remember as a track with big jumps to hard landings. Rick Johnson raced there and I remember him winning all three pro classes at age 15. He rode a YZ125 and 250 as well as that famous Protech Yamaha four stroke. Before he had a drivers license, he was saving up for a van to go to distant races. One time they had a jumping distance contest on a crappy jump at the finish line. Johnson won a home stereo system with his longest jump. I used to battle with Frank Thomson, who has been running REM races for many years at Carlsbad and now Glen Helen.

(Info Courtesy of Ed Stovin)

Spillway Park
Santa Maria, CA

Bakersfield, CA

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I raced Sprockets Park in Bakersfield Ca. a few times back in the 70's and 80's. Here is the location of the defunked park. In the 70's it was a great TT track with a good sized jump in the middle. I remember it being hard pack and very slick. I blew up my first motor (100 Kawasaki G5) while practicing there.I was 13 at the time and remember feeling like I had just killed my best friend.Later on in the early 80's they plowed it up and built a Moto Cross track.I had a 1983 480 Honda and cleared my first set of doubles there. It's funny cause they were only about 15 foot apart but they really psyched me out.I don't know the politics of the park or why it's not there any more, but my guess would be money for the land. In it's place is a steam generation plant for the local oil fields.I remember talk at the time about using the green sticker money to build us another place to ride, but of course that never happened.     (Info Courtesy of Jim McWhorter)

Sunrise Cycle Park. (AKA 395, or Adelanto Cycle Park.
Hwy 395 in Adelanto.
Opened in the early 1960's, the original track had short track and TT's. Moto Cross Was started in the late 60's. Over the years, the faculty has been operated by a number of different lease holders. The land and the track are there today, but at the current time, the faculty is closed.

Terminal Island
near the Vincent Thomas Bridge
I never rode or went there, but it was there - just east and north of the east end of the Vincent Thomas Bridge - again I think it was restricted to 125`s and below as there just wasn`t a whole lot of acreage. This Park was there in the late 70`s - maybe 1979. Again, it was short lived, but memorable, across Ocean Blvd. from where the Spruce Goose was kept before IT moved to the Dome next to the Queen Mary.

(Info Courtesy of Mike Domanchich)

Trojan Speedway
I-710 @ Florence Ave
Built in the heart of East Los Angeles industrial area in the 50' and 60', this was a short track that had some night MX. While never as famous as Ascot and others it was part of the weekly So-Cal night race circuit Land was sold in the mid 1970's. Track closed property is now a self-storage business. No evidence of the original track

Fort Ord, CA

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Varmits (or Varmints) track ('74-'80)was a relatively large scrambles course, located off of Reservation Road, across from the army base air landing strip, amongst lots of oak tress, maybe 5 miles from the ocean. It was a sandy course starting with 1 long straight leg running slightly downhill, with a tight burm-buster left turn and then running like a TT track with sand and jumps over at leat 15 more turns. Disposition Unknown

Westlake GP track site is at the northwest corner of Kanan Rd and Lindero Canyon Rd. in the Westlake/North Ranch area of Thousand Oaks CA just north of the L.A./Ventura county border. About 4 miles north of the 101 freeway, exit Lindero Canyon in Agoura Hills. Look for St. Maximillian Kolbe church on the left and the Starbucks on the right.

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Used for Viewfinders Gran Prix the track Featured a western movie set where the weekly western Gun Smoke was filmed. This track hosted a Inter-Am in 1969 the track ran through the barn, and down the main street of the western town. Western movie set was still intact until 1995 when it was finally destroyed for a housing development.
The movie set that hosted the Westlake GP for a couple of years was only about 2 miles from my boyhood home. While we lived there during the Westlake GP years, I never saw the race, only heard about it later as I hadn't yet found motorcycles. My friends and I during the late 1960s used that same movie set as a playground and later actually recreated the track (the barn door was always locked, so instead of going through the barn we had go around it) on our CT 70s and 90s and eventually on our Sachs and Yamaha 125s. The movie set and surrounding terrain was host to hundreds of films from the early years of film through the 1970s. The outside scenes in Gunsmoke, some of the scenes from Bonanza and countless movies were filmed there. I watched the grips paint the grass green under a large oak tree with a spray can for the picnic scene in Bonnie and Clyde and the filming of the opening scene of The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid there. Many great memories. Today all remnants of the track and movie set are gone. A large Catholic church and multi million dollar homes cover the area. The creek the the track crossed before going through the barn is visible in the pic as the trees between the houses in the rectangle.     (Info Courtesy of Ian Dennelly)

Central Village
Central Village

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In operation since 1967

Chicken Farm
Homasassa, FL
Disposition Unknown

Brooksville, FL
Disposition Unknown

Cocoa, FL
Sandiest most whooped track I have ever seen and Bob Hannah could fly on it

I lived in Merritt Island Florida right near Cocoa where the famous Diamond Back Motocross track was. I rode this track from 1975 until 1979 and watched many local and pro races, riders like Decoster (Suzuki), Ellis (Can Am), Weinert (Kawasaki). I saw a race in 1975 I think it was the Winter AMA series with Rocket Rex Staten on a Harley Davidson Mx 250 and a teammate of his on one with the front forks in the rear and they came in second and third!

There was a shop near the track called Diamond Back Cycle center and they sold Maico, Hodaka, Ossa and Carabella motorcycles and it was great. They had a young man ridding for them and I watched him beat the Canadian 250 MX champ and it was a close race right down to the wire. The Canadian rode a Can Am 250 and he rode a Ossa Mx 250 with laid down shocks. It was great. I am 95% sure that the track is a park or something and last time I was in FL the Cycle center was a dive shop...... (Info Courtesy of Tom Hester)

Disposition Unknown

Golden Eagles Raceway
Tampa, FL
Disposition Unknown

Lion Country Safari
West Palm Beach, FL
Disposition Unknown

Orlando Sports Stadium
Orlando, FL
Another sand track Disposition Unknown

Power Lines
Near Lions Dragway in Oldsmar/Tarpon Springs, FL
Disposition Unknown

Sunshine Speedway
St. Petersburg, FL
Originally Sunshine hosted a drag strip, oval, motocross and horse stables and trails. Great names like Bob Hannah, Marty Smith, and Jim Pomeroy dominated the sand and woops. Much of the original speedway property (the motocross track and horse trails) has been sold off to developers however, a new track has opened up in the immediate area hosting local MX and VMX. (Info Courtesy of Kurt Eibell) Disposition Unknown


Burnt Hickory
Dallas, GA
I found your website trying to find some information or pictures of the old Burnt Hickory MX track. My 17 year old son races motocross and when he was practicing in our neighbors field we found out that Bills property that is left and the rest he sold, which is now our subdivision, were once the track. My husband said he remembers the races there from his high school years in the late 70's but does not have pictures. The track was located north of Dallas, Ga. Hwy 61 north(Old Cartersville Hwy) take left on to Ferguson Place and first street on left will be our subdivision Reidland Drive. What is left of Bills property has been planted with lots of pines but there is a landing strip for ultralight planes and for his grandkids and neighbors to practice on their dirt bikes. Disposition Unknown

Atlanta International Raceway
Atlanta, GA
Held a national here in 1979.As I recall next to a paved racetrack. Interesting thing about this track was they mixed the cotton fluff (or residue) from the local cotton mills into the soil to keep it loamy, so not only was it super loamy but technicolor too. You'd go into a corner and literally sink into the berms. It was very flat and ran in and out of the woods.

(Info Courtesy of Michael Fry)

Disposition Unknown

Echeeconee MX
Lizella, GA
Disposition Unknown

Holiday Downs
Atlanta, GA
We used to race in the late 60's and early 70's at Holiday Downs in Atlanta, GA, and at Whitesburg MX in Douglas County, GA. The fast bikes were the LT2 MX, the AT1 MX, CR125, Wombat 125, DKW 125, Rickmans, Sachs in various forms, LOL. Disposition Unknown

Rolling Ridge
Homer, GA
Disposition Unknown

Snake Creek Disposition Unknown

Wildcat Creek Nice dirt and lots of elevation change. Disposition Unknown

Whitesburg MX
Douglas County
Disposition Unknown

Commerce, GA
Disposition Unknown

Track Name Unknown
Kaneohe Marine Air Station, Oahu, HI
"It was used for local races on sundays and you could ride there any day of the week for free. They held a Trans-Am race there in 71. John DeSoto "The Flyin Hawain"would race there sometimes. Had some trails on the other side of the road. It was open in 1969 when I got there and still going when I left in 1972. Dont know when it closed. I won a bonanza mini bike at the raffle of that trans-am will never forget walking out on the track to get it with all the pros lined up for the start of the 2nd moto europeans and locals. What a day in the life of a 10 year old. Rode that thing everywhere on the base never getting harrassed by the MPs one time." (Info Courtesy of Ken Cook) Disposition Unknown

Wheels of Fire
Schoefield Barracks, Oahu, HI

This track was located at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, HI. For a couple of years it hosted races for military personnel. The land the track was on is still there and if you look close, much of the track can still be seen. Motorcycle riding is now strictly forbidden.

Keithsburg, IL
All sand track, that is still there to this day, but practice only

Terre Haute Competition Riders
North of Terre Haute, IN east off of Highway 63 (south of Clinton, IN)
I believe the land was leased from Gibson Company, current use of the land is unknown. AMA sanctioned amateur MX races were held there circa 1973-1983. The "Bomber" Mark Barnett raced CR-125 Elsinores at this track occasionally during 1974-1975, winning the Indiana 125 cc A state championship in 1974.

(Info Courtesy of Carl Richey)

Disposition Unknown

Washington, IN
Another great track was the one in Washington, Indiana. They held Trans AMA races and Nationals there during the same time period. One of my prized possessions is a Pennzoil banner that a fried stole from the fence right after the races. Does anyone remember these tracks? Disposition Unknown

Packer's Camp
Williston Point Rd, Fort Riley

Click to Enlarge
This track was located on the military reservation Fort Riley, Kansas. For a couple of years it hosted races for military personnel. Of all the tracks I've seen, this track had it all, including water crossings. The land the track was on is still there and if you look close, much of the track can still be seen. Motorcycle riding is now strictly forbidden.

Manhattan Raceway Park
Manhattan, KS

Click to Enlarge
This track was located just off Highway 18 between Ogden and Manhattan, next to a drag strip. The track was completely flat but offered one of the first tabletops in the state. It also featured a unique first turn after the start that was carved into the ground. Manhattan also offered night racing. There are no indications that the track ever existed now, although the drag strip is still there.

"The Race Place"
East 1st St, Enterprise, KS

Click to Enlarge
This was the only track I ever saw that was located on a 40 acre golf course. Track was long and offered gentle terrain changes. The back straightaway was located on the 6th fairway and provided the ability for riders to click into 6th gear...if they had one. The track received many complaints from local residents due to noise and dust and eventually ceased operation.

"The Race Place II"
East of Junction City, KS

Click to Enlarge
This track was a joint venture between Frank Royce and Hank Spaulding. Operated for a short time in the 1977-1978 time frame. Had a covered starting area and a wild whoop section. Disposition unknown.

Clay Center
Clay Center, KS
Track located northwest of Clay Center in a gully in the middle of a cow pasture. Track was short, but provided a great view for spectators. Not sure what happened to this track, probably returned to the cows.

Florence Grand Prix
Florence, KS
This might be the wrong kind of racing but I ran a race called the ``Florence Gran-Prix`` in 1972 when a very small Northeast Kansas town called Florence had their 100 year celebration. It was all MX bikes, 4 classes, 125,200,250, and open, and it ran out though the country and back in town on the brick streets. The small town didn`t own a street-sweeper. I ran it in 1973 also. Town still exists.

Freddy Van's
Pittsburg, KS
Pittsburg Ks. had a great track called ``Freddy Van`s``.

(Info Courtesy of John Bezinque, Derby KS)

Disposition Unknown

Garden City, KS Sandy Track

Luray, KS
This track was located near Luray, Kansas and was run by Bob Rose. The pits were located on a hill overlooking the track and was a great spectators track Disposition unknown

Cycle Acres
Centennial Rd & East Cloud
Salina, KS
Track located near the Cessna plant

There was an active track in Salina, and we were so gung-ho in those days that we rode year-around. I remember riding in the snow in Salina and in Dodge. Garden City was a neat track that pretty much finished me - a high-speed straight into a sand pit that caused a monster endo. Saw my first 501 Maico there, courtesy of the LeValley brothers.

(Info Courtesy of Robert Adams)

Ground vacant.

Phillipsburg, KS
Not Available Disposition Unknown

Oldsburg, KS
Not Available Disposition Unknown

Neosho Rapids
Neosho Rapids, KS
Not Available Disposition Unknown

Hutchinson, KS
This track was located in Gormalies Grove near Hutchinson, KS and run by the Prarie Pups Motorcycle Club. It is reported that the track is no longer there.

Wichita, KS

Click to Enlarge
Not Available Disposition Unknown

Wichita, KS
Sprockets was located East of Rock Road and South of 63rd St. by Cook Airfield.

(Info Courtesy of John Bezinque, Derby KS)

I ``believe`` housing builders took it over. It was moved to Rose Hill KS

International Raceway
Maize, KS

International Raceway was a sandy track and I think we ran there on Sundays. It has reopened and now is called ``Bar 2 Bar``.

(Info Courtesy of John Bezinque, Derby KS)

Disposition Unknown

81 Speedway
Wichita, KS
We ran MX at 81 Speedway, a stock car circle track, but we raced on the very East side, not any on the track.

(Info Courtesy of John Bezinque, Derby KS)

Disposition Unknown

Dodge City
Dodge City, KS
Not Available Disposition Unknown

Atwood, KS There was some real energy in Atwood where Benny Jumper caught MX fever and, if memory serves, had Edison Dye put on a race that featured one of the factory Husky riders. This was in '69 or '70 (before I traded my Norton dirt tracker for a CZ). MX was so unknown in those days that anyone who really wanted to could draw top competitors. (Benny Jumper was behind the Atwood efforts, but came to a sad end as a result of a fluke hang glider accident.) - Info courtesy of Robert Adams Disposition Unknown

Hays, KS
A track south of Hays, Rockledge, was a hot spot - a bowl on a farm that made a good track, and a site for rock concerts. We brought some Colorado riders to give a school and inadvertently show us how slow we really were. There was a bar on the grounds, so the post-race was very enjoyable. The track was open for practice during the week, but you had to dodge the cows. - Info courtesy of Robert Adams Disposition Unknown

Paola, KS
Disposition Unknown

Wilcox Park
Knoxville, IA
Disposition Unknown

Marshalltown, IA
Landmark off highway was an old bus - big topo there with a huge drop-down and fun layout Disposition Unknown

New Hartford
Flat and fast Disposition Unknown

Wendy Oaks MX
Springville, IA
Ran from the early 70s to late 80s. hosted a YAMA national in 1974. i saw Gene Mckay on Noguchi yamahas consistantly beat Jeff Ward on his blue xr75s. Tammy Kirk of dalton Ga. was also racing.Had she gone mx instead of dirt track she would have definitely given mercedes gonzales a run for her money. In 1985 wendy oaks held an lorettas amatuer regional here are some the A riders listed. mike larocco, greg bowen, donny schmit, rich halstead along with several from oh, in, wi,mn,mi. Track is pretty much pasture land now. Track Returned to Pasture

Disposition Unknown

Castle Point
Castle Point, KY
I remember an old buddy that carried a 3 digit pro number in the mid to late 1970's. He talked about this great track called Castle Point, Kentucky. If memory serves, they held a National or Trans AMA back in 1975. Another great track was the one in Washington, Indiana. They held Trans AMA races and Nationals there during the same time period. One of my prized possessions is a Pennzoil banner that a fried stole from the fence right after the races. Does anyone remember these tracks? Disposition Unknown

Little Saddleback
Richmond, KY
Just west of Richmond It was closed in the early 80's after a careless fatality, and is now a subdivision.
Info courtesy of Robert Adams

Bicentenial Raceway
West Monroe, LA
Operated in the 70s Disposition Unknown

Motocross West
Waggaman, Louisiana (suburb of New Orleans)
The track is now a gravel pit. It`s owned by J.P. Phillips & Son (Marion Phillips). Marion`s family owned the track during its operation and groomed the track for racing.
Site of last race ``One Chance to Win.`` The last race of the 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, Nationals were held here. Labor Day weekend. I worked for the local promoter (Rookie Leopold) at Honda West. I met all the big guns during the classic days because I always had a pit pass. Karsmakers, Lackey, Hannah, Glover (while on a DG Honda). The Suzuki mechanics at that time were all Japanese in their clean jumpsuits. I experienced a lot of one-on-one time with Marty Smith and Tommy Croft during the 1975 National. It was a great track. If you ask any of the guys from that era, they’ll tell you it was a bitchin track, but hotter than hell!

David Bailey raced here on a JT-1 Yamaha ``Mini-Enduro.`` Gary Bailey taught a school here on an annual basis. You might contact Gary or others who took pictures during the time...

There were great National battles at this site which I`ll remember for a lifetime.

(Info Courtesy of Steve)

Shreveport MotoX
Downtown Shreveport, LA
Disposition Unknown

Waterboro Disposition Unknown

Antietam MX
Hagerstown, MD
Disposition Unknown

Aquasco, MD
Operated approximately 79-99 Closed due to encroaching development

Basums Farm
Annapolis, MD
Disposition Unknown

Beaver Dam
Disposition Unknown

Big Berm
Carroll County, MD
Closed in 1980

Damascus Had “GP” style MX races (natural grass, no man-made obstacles) Disposition Unknown

Disposition Unknown

Happy Ramblers MX
near Mariottsville, MD
Disposition Unknown

Now Budds Creek

Keyser’s Ridge
AKA Appalachia Highlands
Hosted a national on July 4, 1976

Appalachia Highlands only open a year or so before Combs opened Highpoint. The track was covered with rocks.

(Info Courtesy of Chris Self)

Disposition Unknown

Maryland Line Closed in 1979

Outside of Cockysville, MD
Disposition Unknown

Wheels in the Sand
Ocean City, MD
Disposition Unknown

Lanesborough, MA
Disposition Unknown

Ludow, MA
Disposition Unknown

Pepperel, MA
Disposition Unknown

Still in operation

Old McDonald's MX
Rothbury MI
Disposition Unknown

Agency, MO
Disposition Unknown

Bonne Terre, MO
Disposition Unknown

Butler, MO
Disposition Unknown

Kansas City International Raceway
Lee's Summit, MO

Still in Operation as a drag strip

Lake City Cycle Park
Blue Springs, MO
The land this track was on was owned by the county of Jackson County, Mo., and was open until the mid-80s. Rumored that lawsuits caused the county to shut down. Parts of the track can still be seen when walking the land..

(Info Courtesy of Steve Clark)

St. Joseph, MO
Disposition Unknown

Herman, Nebraska

Click to Enlarge
Founded in 1974 by Omaha dentist Dr. Gerald Byrd. Dr. Byrd and his three sons were mx enthusiasts; David Byrd even held an AMA pro license and raced several Support class events on his Maico.

The track held a large non-national event, 250cc and 500cc, in 1974. All the teams, save for Team Honda, were present. In 1975, the track had its most active year, holding a 250cc National, an Inter Am race and a Trans AMA event. The Inter Am event might have been the most exciting, as CZ teammates Zdenek Velky and Oldrich Hammersmid took each other out in the first turn. Hammersmid broke his arm (looking over the fence at then CN reporter Jody Weisel, he smiled and said "Kaput!" while dangling the broken limb), but Velky got up to finish fourth. He then returned to win the second moto, although his 4-1 was bested by Tony DiStefano's 1-2 for the overall win.

The track held 250cc and 125cc Nationals from 1977-79. All six 250cc motos were won by Bob Hannah.

Out side of town on the top of a hill in some farmers field. The soil was the best soil I've ever ridden on in 45 years of riding The berms were huge standup and rail types. They held a national there in 1979 .I still have the shirt. It was part of the Hannah /Howerton rolling circus.It also had the first rythm (whoop de do's) section I'd ever seen. All the guys would sit and watch Hannah during practice and try to figure how he was doubling thru the section.

(Info Courtesy of Michael Fry)

The Byrd family lost interest in racing in the early 1980's and the facility was returned to farm ground in 1982. The large jump, leading to a fast downhill sweeper was still visibile to those who remember the old track. As late as 1995, the farmer who raised crops at the old site stated that bolts, pieces of plastic and rubber would still turn up every Spring in the freshly plowed soil.

New Egypt Raceway
New Egypt, NJ
New Egypt Raceway located in Plumsted County was originally called Fort Dix Speedway after the Military base "Fort Dix". Btw it was not all that far from Lakewood, New Jersey were the infamous "Hindenburg" crashed many years earlier as well and Great Adventure in Jackson NJ is very close as well.

It was a dirt track in the 1950's and then paved over in the 60's The name "Fort Dix Speedway" was later changed to "New Egypt Speedway" then to "Central Jersey Speedway". The Grabac family owned the speedway until the mid 1990's.

As far as the MX track, it was a sand track that was run on the side of the property inside the Speedway fences were Dirt Modified and World of Outlaw series races were run.

I was good friends with the Gundry and Zupko Families who together brought high quality racing to NER in the 90's. I believe they bought the lease in 1990 for MX races. This was really great for AMA's District 6 because New Jersey needed more racing as only Englishtown was running high end race events in NJ. I have some fond memories from NER like a girl name Pam and a few not so good like the first I lead a 125 Pro moto I missed a shift on my 1990 Suzuki 125 and got landed on by my good buddy Brian Carrol who was a super fast AMA pro from nearby Vineland, NJ. It was cool to be beating him even for a little bit as he smoked me on a regular basis. Another time while running 2nd on the last lap to Carsten I ran out of gas with a pack of hungry 125 riders close in tow, it was a bummer leaving with no money.

1980's NJ Mx Star Mickey Kessler was a common site as well as 90's Mx star Barry Carsten and fellow racers Jim McIlvaine, Marc Tiesler, Jim Kapitan, Chris Brynildson, Tommy Perone and many more were a common sight at NER. The east coast had a great racing scene that was pretty family oriented and was some good times.

Before the Gundrys and Zupko's ran there events, basically New Egypt was a run down, small low budget raceway that locals would race at but not the faster hardcore racers.

(Info Courtesy of Craig Mason)

Although MX is no longer in effect new owners have reconfigured the track 3 times they now run races on a small "D" shaped clay speedway for Dirt modified and World of Outlaw races, featuring great drivers such as Ray Everham, Jimmy Spencer and many more.

Here is to hoping they can bring MX back to a great facility.

Jolly Rodger Disposition Unknown

Volcano Cliffs Motocross Park
Albuquerque, NM

Click to Enlarge
located on the Mesa west of Albuquerque, NM. Track operated from the late 60's to sometime in the 70's. I raced this track on a brand new 1970 Husky 250 when I was 13 years old.

(Info Courtesy of Steve Jensen)

Disposition Unknown

Long Island, NY

Click to Enlarge
"Bridgehampton was an awesome sand track in the 70s and early 80's. Part of the now de-funked famous car road course that stated in the 50's. Long and wide with plenty of hills. Several parts ran in and out of the woods. The top part of the track and pits had a great view of the LI sound."

For more information,

Currently a Golf Course

Rocky Point
Rocky Point, NY
Rocky Point was a track built by the Long Island Sports Committee in 1980 in a fire break on government land in Rocky point N.Y. It ran till I believe 1986 when they stopped letting it be used by the club. It was a dust bowl without rain.

(Info Courtesy of Pete Noneman)

I believe the land sits today as a firebreak once again?

Westhampton Raceway
Westhampton, NY
Westhampton raceway in Westhampton NY was a small sand track on the site of the now gone Westhampton drag strip. It ran from 1983 through the late 80s. I also believe another track elsewhere on the property ran in the 70s?

(Info Courtesy of Pete Noneman)

It is now condos.

Zoar Valley Motocross Park
Sprinville, NY
The most beautiful natural terrain track that I've ever ridden. Disposition Unknown

Crash and Burn Raceway
Canal Fulton, OH
Crash and Burn raceway later named Grand Prix raceway at Canal Fulton Ohio. Whadda name huh? I raced my first race here in 74 and it had been going on for a while. Big elevation changes,big downhill jump, Was'nt a very long track Have no idea when it closed.

(Info Courtesy of Michael Fry)

Disposition Unknown

Motosport Trails
Malvern, OH
Awesome track located in an old stripmine. Had the steepest uphills you ever saw, the soil was like brownie batter. Would of been a great venue for a national. Held AMA qualifiers. Can't recall the name.Someone else help me on this one as I moved to Calif in 80

(Info Courtesy of Michael Fry)

Disposition Unknown

Honda Hills
Linville, OH
Owned by 50's flat track legend Dick Klamfath. It was a top notch camping facility and he had the prettiest daughters that helped him out at the races. Honda Hills had held some of the early inter-am races, Had a short track up on the top of the hill and a MX track on the side of the hill. Long and lots of elevation changes including a steep up hill on shale rock that pretty much guranteed new tires after a weekend. I spoke to Dick at the Del Mar Days and he said the new owners still hold races there.

(Info Courtesy of Michael Fry)

Disposition Unknown

Mid - Ohio
Lexington, OH

Smith Road Raceway
Medina, OH
Home track of Calvin Kalicki who was in a bad car crash with Greg Thiess a factory rider in the late 70's. This track wound thru the trees (hence the nick name "the tree farm" ). Scarry If you got off the track, One time the honda van pulls up and out jumps Steve Wise and Chuck Sun, They get out look at the track,shake their heads and get in and leave. I personally saw Jesus on this track one time while doing a handstand thru the trees doing about 45mph heading for the trees. They would wrap a matterss around the closest trees to the track.

(Info Courtesy of Michael Fry)

Disposition Unknown

Clackamas, OR

(Info Courtesy of Chris Sicilia)

Now a bunch of condos

Mulkey MX Park
McMinville, OR
This track was a local haunt for the Sun brothers and Rick Burget.

(Info Courtesy of Chris Sicilia)

It is now a trailer park.

Disposition Unknown

Boiling Springs
"Crossed the dragstrip pavement 2 times " Disposition Unknown

Browsville Park
Brownsville PA
Disposition Unknown

Freemansburg Hill Climb site Disposition Unknown

Disposition Unknown

Country Springs
New Alexandria,PA
Disposition Unknown

Endless Mountain Moto Cross
Clifford PA
Tom Hurd bought this place in the late 80's and turned it into a modern facility called Hurricane Hills MX. I am pretty sure it is still in operation. Tommy had added a fully lit supercross track and a treacherous Hare Scramble loop in the woods. 2 Day Triathalon meets were on the schedule in the early 90's (Sat. hare scramble, Sat. night supercross, Sunday MX). In the 70's it was rubberband start natural rocky terrain and had the best breakfast shack in District 6. Last I heard Tom Hurd was involved in operating Broome-Tioga in NY. (Info Courtesy of Mike Ruggerio) Disposition Unknown

Siepstown, PA
Comment: There was a track in Fogelsville, PA. They even held a National there once. Jammin Jimmy won on a Kawasaki with a bent shock, beating out Tony D if my memory serves my correctly. (Submitted By Richard)

Disposition: Unknown

Eagle Rock
Disposition Unknown

Freedom Acres
Disposition Unknown

Harbor Woods
New Castle, PA
Disposition Unknown

Keystone Raceway Park
New Alexandria, PA

Located at the intersection of Stone Jug Road and Beatty Lane in New Alexandria, PA. This was a natural terrain track which was located in the same facility as one of the local drag strips. Not only did we ride the MX track but we were known to make a few passes down the ¼ mile in our muscle cars too. We rode there in the early to mid 70’s and I’m not sure if either track still exists today but they sure were fun back in the day.

(Info Courtesy of Dave McCullough)

Now a vacant field

"Hills, hills and more hills" Disposition Unknown

Moto Mecca
Lenhartsville, PA
Track located in a hilly area, hugh off cambers, held many AMA events. (Info Courtesy of Russell Bounds)

The track is closed and I think is now a tree farm (or house farm!) We used to go to this track in '75 and '76 pay $2 and ride all day during the week. Unbelievable hillside track with major off camber technical sections. We had our Tony D. leather boots and Scott goggles, JT leathers and stickers - cutting school was never so fun. (Info Courtesy of Mike Ruggerio)

Moto Mecca is long gone and a mushroom canning operation now exists at that site. (Info Courtesy of Bob Bitting)

(Info Courtesy of Bob Bitting)

New Tripoli
Disposition Unknown

Disposition Unknown

Penny Hollow MX Track
Aliquippa, PA
Just last week I was trying to find the old Penny Hollow mx track in Aliquippa, PA. It closed in about 1984 and the land is still there. Looks like a private residence now. (Info Courtesy of Ralph Flannery, Beaver, PA) Disposition Unknown

Rocky Ridge Raceway
Interstate 43 goes over part of it. Disposition Unknown

Disposition Unknown

Shoaf MX
Uniontown, PA
Disposition Unknown

Disposition Unknown

Sleepy Hollow MX
Fredericksburg, PA

I believe is still in operation. Terry Tucker, Barry Carsten, Dominic Carr, Kenny Adams (now racing sprint cars in Florida) had some great battles on this super fast natural terrain. Was great to go here because they could not start until after 11AM (we could sleep in!) one of the neighbors was a church! (Info Courtesy of Mike Ruggerio)

Disposition Unknown

"Had a monster ski jump hill " Disposition Unknown

Susquahanna Speedway
Disposition Unknown

"The TT section on the night track was cool " Disposition Unknown

Wyoming Valley Dirt Riders Track
Tunnkannock, PA
"Off-cambers galore" Another great natural track built against a major hill. Ivan Boyesen was known to jump on the track testing out those new reed packages while his son began racing the mini class. Kenny Briggs smoked everyone with that low slung smooth style. Kenny was the only rider that I new that could consistently buy new Yahamas and not have to remove those great big number 1's that came on the plates in the 70's. (Info Courtesy of Mike Ruggerio) Disposition Unknown

Disposition Unknown

Hellhole MX
Disposition Unknown

Alford Motocross
Alford, TX
Now an airport

Austin Motocross
Austin Motocross by the Colorado River operated until mid 80's. I think the Colorado river authority uses it for some kind of flood control. All the hills were plowed down and a berm is around the outside of the property. No sign that a track was ever there today. Just a grassy field.

(Info Courtesy of Jeff Hardin)

Disposition Unknown

Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, TX
Disposition Unknown

Pearland, TX
Now an airport

Danbury Motocross Track
Danbury, TX
Danbury Motocross Park just off Hwy 35 in Danbury, Texas. Lots of fun, and lots of trees. Made the gear somewhat bearable. We would skip school and load the bikes and hit it on Fridays. The people that owned the track (lived on the property) would leave the gate open during the day(ALL day , every day) and it had a box you could drop the practice money into. We would pretend to drop it in case they were watching(we were always broke from buying klotz and plugs). but they would always come walking up"5 dollars please" Disposition Unknown

Mosier Valley Motocross Park
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Pretty much unchanged and raced until about 1999. All through the 90's the city was growing up around it and at some point about 1999 the city shut it down.

(Info Courtesy of Jeff Hardin)

Fairbanks Track
Houston, TX

Lake Whitney
Fell into disrepair in the late 80's. A new owner bought the property and built great facilities. The track has been expanded and is probably the top notch operation in Texas. They run about 4 races per year with huge crowds.

(Info Courtesy of Jeff Hardin)

Lockhart Track
Lockhart, TX
Disposition Unknown

Longview Motocross
Longview, TX
Now an airport

Paradise Valley
Disposition Unknown

Pecan Valley
Disposition Unknown

Rio Bravo
Houston, TX
Site of the first Trans Am in Texas in 1972 (I think). Closed on and off through the years and changed owners many times. Today the swimming pool, club house, etc. are pretty trashed, but the original track is still there with the original starting gate. Evo Racing run by Rick Humphries still uses it a couple of times a year when it's open.

(Info Courtesy of Jeff Hardin)

Strawberry Hill
Disposition Unknown

St. George MX
St. George, UT
East end of St. George Blvd.

There used to be a nice home-town track at the end of St. George Blvd. in St. George Ut. It was located at the east end of the main drag under the shadow of a volcanic black rock mesa. I was working at a Yamaha shop in the early 80`s and it was our place to show off our flashy YZ`s. Races were held most months with the exception of the summers which were blazing hot. I don`t remember any towers, PA systems, or concession stands. It was all we had but it more than enough to get the job done. I blew through St. George a few years ago and I believe there is a cookie-cutter chain hotel in the space where we banged bars and raced in anger. St. George had to be the worse place I`ve ever lived, but it had the best dirt riding areas. There was even a trials event held on the bluff that over-looked the downtown area. We had desert races there, (Rino-Rally) and we were just a hop, skip and a jump from the desert races held outside of Las Vegas, and the Cherry Creek race in Central Utah. Wild horses couldn`t drag me back to the place...

(Info Courtesy of Jim Stuart)

Site currently occupied by a Hampton Inn.

Bells Cycle Ranch
Grafton, VT
I'll give you one that has been long gone-Bells Cycle Ranch, Grafton, Vermont.. It was big in the late 1950's and though the 1960's.. I have a advertising poster for each race.. I'll forward you a jpg of one of the posters in the near future.. It was a popular track, usually made all the magizines of the era.. Even had a riot there one year, or so claimed.
(Info Courtesy of Brian Keating)

"East Coast Cycle Sport, Summer 1959. The inaugural motocross conducted at Grafton used a 50-foot wide, 1 ½ mile course laid out around the perimeter of a 100 acre pasture so that almost the entire course was visible to spectators. When the Inter-Am international motocross series arrived at Pepperill, Massachusetts it was a huge success not so much for Edison Dye’s promotional skills as for the decade of avid motocross fans that had already been cultivated by the New England Sports Committee, beginning at Grafton".

"Motocross was referred to in the AMA rule book and sanctionable by the AMA as early as 1959, because by that time it was already being promoted in Grafton, Vermont by the New England Sports Committee at the Bell Cycle Ranch, a 400 acre plot owned by Maico dealer Perley Bell".

My Dad raced here back in the early 1960's. I drove by last fall and checked it out. The track is gone, and it's all back to farm fields now, with a few cabins here & there. I'll send you a photo soon. (Info Courtesy of Jeff Chase)

Disposition Unknown

Cedar Ridge MX
Dylwynn, VA
Disposition Unknown

White Oaks MX Track
Fredericksburgh, VA
Disposition Unknown

Lucky Spokes
Dollars Corner, WA
Lucky Spokes in Dollars Corner Washington was an old dirt track about 20 minutes north of Portland in Washington. Just a vacant field now, but you can still see the banked corners form 40 years ago.

(Info Courtesy of Chris Sicilia)

Now a vacant field

Mabton, WA
"Sandy, on a hill and the bottom part was kind of a swampy area (real wet). Nice track. Larry Ward and Butch Smith had some battles there along with Jamie Munson and John Calhoun." Disposition Unknown

Disposition Unknown

Moxie, WA
"Huge uphill - built on the side of one of the famous "treeless" hills outside of Yakima, Washington. Saw Larry Ward flat out own that track and beat many 125 experts on his Kawasaki 80. One race in particular Larry was leading then fell twice. The second time he fell infront of his mother. She went over and grabbed him and spanked him right on the butt and told him to get his act together. He went on to win the race. I think this track is now a Gold Course??? Four Stroke guy Greg Zitterkopf (sp?) was a regular here also on his ATK 250 and 500 fourstrokes. He was pretty fast and traveled the Northwest promoting those bikes. This track had a monster downhill double that I only saw one guy clear ever. That guy was Eric Eaton on his YZ490.

There was also a small track on the side of a small hill called Forks or "something" Forks. "

Disposition Unknown

Puyallup Raceway Park
Puyallup, WA

1990 Photo
Puyallup Raceway Park was once the site of not only local motocross racing, but it also hosted the Trans AM series in the 70's as well. It was a real thrill being a local racer to finally see the legends of Europe compete on our home soil. The park also contained a drag strip that was regularly used in the 60's and 70's.

The site is now a recently-built large shopping center featuring an LA Fitness, Staples, Target, and the like. Most of us who remember the days before the population and traffic in the area exploded, and before it was called "South Hill."

There were three of us from my local High School (Washington High) that dreamed up and produced the first-ever all high school motocross. We considered it a huge success, as the proceeds from the event purchased the H.S. reader board that stood in front of the school nearly 30 years. I've included my picture competing in that event on my '72 DT2MX.

It's very difficult it seems to find images of this now-forgotten track. The area has changed tremendously and what was once the "boonies" is now suburbia.

Ahh, those were the days.

(Info Courtesy of Don)

Now a Shopping Center

Puyallup 1972

Walla Walla, WA
"Had no water except a water truck. Soaked track before race and practice and half of first moto's were a mud bath. Then track would dry out so bad and become dangerously dusty. Had a set of four jumps in a row that nobody could double so each time you went up you cleared the dust and could see then came back down and couldn't see anything. You just prayed nobody was down on the track infront of you." Disposition Unknown


Appalachia Lake Park
Bruceton Mills, WV

You can still see the lake and the outline of the track, Rt 26 north of town. In 1974 Dave Combs Sr. hosted a Trans am there, and also a national. Bob Gill tried to jump 200’ across the lake and failed. He is still paralyzed today.

(Info Courtesy of Chris Self)

From Wikipedia...Appalachia Lake

On August 18, 1974, Bob Gill was scheduled to attempt a world record jump over the 200-foot (61 m)-wide Appalachia Lake in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. Heavy rains in the area forced the postponement of the jump to August 25.

The jump was performed without the aid of a landing ramp. He landed three feet short on the embankment of the far side of the lake. Thrown from the bike, he suffered severe spinal cord injuries that left him permanently paralyzed. UPDATE: Bob will be going to France in the Spring of 2008 for a special procedure to walk again called Laser Puncture. He has a good chance of full recovery.


...Then fate, gravity and a premonition came true. The year, 1973. The place, Appalachia Lake. His wife who had never flinched from any of his previous jumps had one of those feelings and asked him to call it off, to walk away. Wanting to fulfill his contract and not leave his friend the promoter in a lurch by canceling, he went ahead with the attempt to clear a 200-foot gap over the lake. The bike came up short by a couple feet. Bob slammed hard into the lip of the lake bank. That was the sudden end to his bike-jumping career.

Bel Mesa Raceway
New Cumberland, WV

This track was built on natural terrain and featured several long steep uphill and downhill sections. We rode this track in the early to mid 70’s and I am not sure how long it stayed open or if still exists today.

(Info Courtesy of Dave McCullough)

Now a Trailer Park

(Info Courtesy of Chris Self)

Thunder Ridge Raceway
Ripley, WV
Disposition Unknown